Written by Blaine Findlay 612 NW 13th Street, Suite 21 Boca Raton, Florida 33486 USA Home: 561-620-0365 Cell: 561-789-5168 Email: blaine@hammesadvertising.com All Rights Reserved WGA Registration Number : 1122265 (C) 2006 Blaine Dickson Findlay ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. When the first human, Adam, is reborn, aided by a brilliant geneticist, Eve, he fulfills plans started 25 centuries earlier. Revealing our true origins and ultimate destiny in a story of love, geopolitical intrigue, climaxing at the United Nations, signifying the rebirth of the human race. FADE IN: ROLL CREDITS Opening music under credits: Pink Floyd "Pigs on the Wing, Part 1" P.O.V. WASHINGTON, D.C. AERIAL - HELICOPTER FOLLOWING A MILITARY HELICOPTER IN FLY OVER OF THE MALL FROM BEFORE LINCOLN MEMORIAL, TURNING TO FULL SHOT OF SMITHSONIAN MUSEUM -- MORNING FULL SHOT FRONT OF MUSEUM STEPS ZOOM INTO CLOSE UP LINDA P.O.V. LINDA As DR. LINDA STEVENS arrives at the steps of the museum, she turns to watch the helicopter landing on the front grounds and a single military officer disembark. He quickly approaches her position. ANGLE ON DAVE Holding a small, 10" long, silver box and a clipboard, CAPTAIN DAVID RENNOLDS stops, startled at Linda's beauty, before quickly collecting himself and saluting. DAVE (holding out his hand palm up) Dr. Stevens? May I see your identification, please? ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA Startled partly by the boldness, but mostly by his rugged features, Linda hesitates before looking at his ID first and catches the look in his eyes of long years and longer miles traveled. ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (with a smile she quickly pulls at the long chain around her neck and produces, out of the top of her low-cut sweater, her museum sensor- filled identification badge) Yes Sir, you sure know how to make an entrance, Captain Rennolds, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) (holding out the card and giving him a good view of her breasts) This should tell you who I am. The museum's security people don't like us to wear it out in the open. It's to let the system's computer knows who's in any of the restricted areas. (pausing only a moment long enough to get his eye) And please call me Linda. ANGLE ON DAVE Dave only glances at the card, trying unsuccessfully not to show his interest in her open flirtations. Quickly he turns to wave at the still waiting helicopter, which swiftly lifts off and seconds later they are alone on the steps. DAVE (quickly turning back, while removing his cap, and ends up staring into her eyes again) I am sorry for all the formalities, can we go to your office and talk? (holding out his hand to her) And Linda, please call me Dave (quickly adding) ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (quickly slipping her ID back in place, smiling she reaches for his hand) Nice to meet you, Dave. ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA TO CLOSE UP LINDA (CONT'D) (feeling an electricity between them the moment their fingers touch) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. LINDA (CONT'D) I'd love to talk but not before we get you a badge, my office is in a restricted area. (their eyes lock for a moment, nothing is said, but much implied) ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (pulling a badge part way out of his pocket and smiling) It's already been arranged, I know where your office is, Linda, (motioning with his hand for her to lead the way) ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA FOLLOWING Linda and Dave start talking as they walk up the steps and into the museum. DAVE (CONT'D) (trying to sound grave, but spellbound by her beauty) You may be the only person that can help me figure out my riddle, please lead the way, Doctor. LINDA (still smiling and aware of her spell) Yes, of course. (grabbing his arm and walking quickly on her long legs) Now you have me intrigued, why me? And why now? CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (startled by his sudden capture, he tries to regain composure, pausing to look around as though he is being watched, then turning back) If we could go inside, I can explain. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. ANGLE ON LINDA AND DAVE FOLLOWING LINDA (mischievously smiling) You talked to Dr. Forester, didn't you? And he couldn't translate that scroll you've got in that box, am I right? DAVE (smiling back) Your professor warned me about your curious mind, trying to figure out the puzzle before you even get the problem to begin with, don't you? Linda and Dave pass through a security barrier. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (smugly) Dear Dr. Forester, he's the world's renowned expert on ancient languages and it would only be my professor who would recommend me, for anything, let alone know where to find me. (holding up one finger) That's number one. (holding up two fingers) Secondly, you're clutching that box, as though your life depended on it. I recognize it from drawings and it's a scroll box. (holding both hands, palm up) Conclusion, that is the scroll my professor couldn't read, so you've coming to me for help. (clapping her hands with glee) CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (laughing) I feel at a slight disadvantage, Linda, you already know everything I'm going to say! Can you tell me what's on the scroll. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. LINDA (smiling sheepishly) My office is right here, but I must warn you, it's a bit disordered, according to most people's standards! DISSOLVE TO: INT. LINDA'S OFFICE, EVERY SPACE IS TECHNOLOGY, COVERED WITH BOOKS AND PAPERS -- CONTINUOUS ANGLE ON LINDA ENTERING OFFICE LINDA Let me find you a chair! (moving a large pile of books on top another pile of books) ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) Cleaning days are Thursdays. (sheepishly) Linda clears away piles of books only to be replaced by other piles of books, weaving her way through the office desk. Dave stands, mesmerized by the scene, watching Linda's progress. P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (CONT'D) (laughing) Everything does have a place. (turning to look back at Dave who is looking a little surprised) ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (trying to sound serious, a suppressed smile on his lips) Your professor, Dr. Forester, said you had a knack for making clear sense of languages even he didn't understand, but through a thick fog, those were his words. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. P.O.V. LINDA DAVE (CONT'D) (waving arms and laughing) But he said nothing would prepare me for your filing system! Just that I shouldn't let anything you do surprise me, in the least bit! (bowing gracefully) CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (proudly) It may not be the neatest place, but it does keep other people out of my hair, so I can work, undisturbed. (trying not to smile at her own obvious ruse) In the two years since I started, I have had only one person actually brave enough to enter my office, so consider yourself warned, Soldier Boy! (laughing as she finally sits down) Linda turns and watches as Dave slowly walks through the maze and pats the seat of a chair next to her until finally he seats himself in the indicated spot. Dave carefully places the clipboard and box on his lap, hesitantly looking about as Linda starts turning computers and monitors on. ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) (turning her head to face him, seriously) I do know where everything is, but getting at everything is not that simple. Everything I really need is usually pretty easy to find. P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (CONT'D) (reaching over and curiously poking at the box) So what's in the box ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (trying not to smile at her girlish curiosity) I'm attached to the Army Corp of Engineers and occasionally I am called in when they dig up something they really don't understand. (holding up the box with both hands) This little box is one of them. ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA Dave sits waiting for Linda to clear a place on the desk in front of her. Linda faces him like a little girl waiting for that special present. DAVE (CONT'D) (Dave tentatively holds the box out to her and she quickly grabs it out of his hands) It's a little tricky to open, ..., (starting, then voice fading off) But before Dave can show Linda, or even say anything else, she has grabbed the box and in moments has it opened. P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (smiling satisfaction on her face) Not that tricky 7000 years ago, I saw a very old sketch of one of these. Never thought I'd ever actually open one. Where did they dig this up, may I ask? Pulling out a single scroll, Linda carefully unrolls the scroll and starts studying it with a magnifying glass. She scans the entire scroll only once, while Dave watches. DAVE (surprised, hesitates before speaking) At the bottom of a dried lake bed, dating back about 20 thousand years, but that little box goes back a bit farther. The experts tell me more like 25 to 30 thousand years. (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. DAVE (CONT'D) (leaning over her shoulder, pausing to breath in her perfume) And yet it looked just like you see it, like it was made yesterday. How and out of what it was made, we're still not sure and we've had some pretty bright minds working on it for the past two years. Took our group almost 18 months just to get it opened. It wasn't until I finally found that same sketch, too! (laughing lightly) ANGLE ON LINDA TO CLOSE UP Linda raises a smile on her face and silently says the word, yes. DAVE (CONT'D) (voice over) But I'm darn if I can find anyone who can understand any of it! P.O.V. DAVE Linda sits up and places the magnifying glass back in its case. Very seriously she rolls up the scroll most of the way, but stops suddenly smiles just slightly as she looks at one section. LINDA (pointing at the scroll) Well, as clear as I can tell, (pausing, opening the scroll further) It has been twenty-five thousand years, since it was sealed and deliberately buried. (looking at Dave, semi-seriously) It would seem that your little box contains the last remains of the first human on the Planet Earth, and, (pausing, then with a little faked surprise in her voice) This scroll contains the complete instructions on how to bring him back to life! (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. LINDA (CONT'D) (looking back down and talking seriously again, but also trying hard not to smile or laugh) The rests is mainly technical stuff about the actual process of rejuvenative immortality in the human body. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (startled look) What did you just say? (astonished and can only stare at her for a moment) You can read it. CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (CONT'D) (sitting back, adds jokingly) Let me guess, his name was Adam? P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (blankly staring back at him, a small grin on her face) I don't know how, but sometimes when I look at a script, (playfully pausing for effect) I just get this feeling, like something subconsciously familiar, and then the words just flow, (shaping a box in the air with her hands) And images just fall into place. ANGLE ON LINDA TO CLOSE UP Linda places the scroll back in the box and seals the lid. She takes her magnifying glass and scans the outside of the box only once before turning it over to look at the back of the case. LINDA (CONT'D) (looking up at Dave) Was this all they found? (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11. LINDA (CONT'D) (looking back to the box) There should be a vial with it! But before he can reply, Dave watches as Linda slides a thin panel off the bottom, revealing a long glass tube. P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (CONT'D) (looking up with a smile on her face) And yes, his name is Adam. ANGLE ON LINDA TO CLOSE UP PANNING BACK TO P.O.V. Linda takes the vial out of the box and holds it up to the light. Dave watches, stunned by this sudden revelation. Linda stares at tube, slowly spinning between her fingertips, as it glistens in the light magically. Linda quickly places it back in the box and seals it again. Then slowly she turns the box over in her hands, mesmerized by it. P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (CONT'D) (now seemly reading from the scroll again) What you have here, Dave, is the DNA of one of the first humans on our planet, and the complete instructions on how to regenerate and regain that person's memories and knowledge. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) (looking up) Now that I've started the process ...! (giggling slightly) P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (CONT'D) (leaning over Dave to turn on a monitor) The scroll continues on with an even more detailed set of instructions, (pausing to look Dave in the eye) But I think only someone like my sister, Eve, could figure out what it means, (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12. LINDA (CONT'D) (almost whispering, but loud enough to be heard) Quickly enough, to save Adam, now. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (finally catches an understanding and is not surprised) She wouldn't happen to be a geneticist, would she? P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (looking Dave straight in the eyes) Yes, (proudly) And probably the only one of her graduating class that could. (reaching for the phone) ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) I'll give her a call, she should be in her lab, she always is! With her other hand, Linda flips on another computer screen and an image of lab appears, a young attractive woman peering into a microscope. CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (no longer surprised) Eve, I presume, ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (whispering into the receiver as Dave watches Eve picks up the handset next to her keyboard and turns to look at the camera) Pick up the phone, sister, (seriously) Secure call alpha one three one seven. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (looking directly into the camera, quickly replying, serious voice) Beta six four, (anxiously) What's so urgent, Pigpen? CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (embarrassed smile) Hi, Squirt, FULL SHOT LINDA AND DAVE SITTING IN FRONT OF A BANK OF MONITORS LINDA (CONT'D) (Linda now turned to the screen) Got a slice of DNA I need you to sequence for me, his name is Adam. I need a viability test, asap. CLOSE UP EVE ON MONITOR EVE (leans back in her chair, sexy smile, mischievous laugh) Is that the hunk sitting next to you? Always said some politician or military man would get you if you continued to live in that city! (teasing her sister) CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (starts blushing) No Sis, this is Captain David Rennolds, (nervously, hesitating) And we just met, (unsuccessfully tries to cover nervousness with laughing) You remember your Bible. That Adam. And we need you to read the code so we can reanimate him! And it has to be done within the next two hours, or he'll die. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (leaning forward again, only half joking now) This is a joke, right, Linda? (stares at the camera) CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (loosing it, astonished beyond surprise) Hold on here ladies, (turning on Linda) What the hell are you talking about Linda? P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (looking into camera, ignoring Dave for the moment) Listen Eve, get the dinner table ready, and tell Mom and Dad I'm bringing a guest to dinner tonight, (finally turning back to Dave) How fast can that bird of yours get us to Boston? ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (startled response, almost reflex) About two and a half hours, but what are you talking about. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (sly smile, winking) Yea, Linda what are you talking about. P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (looking at Dave, seriously concerned) Listen, the last line, on both the box and the scroll, contains a warning to keep the knowledge of this scroll and its contents known to as few people as possible. (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15. LINDA (CONT'D) (pausing, more forcefully) For fear that the whole world would not share is this wondrous gift, as it was meant to be. (looking back to her sister) If that's what it says, I'm telling you as little as possible and then only when you really need to know, so don't tell anyone, especially Dad, OK Eve? CLOSE UP EVE ON MONITOR EVE (serious) OK, Linda, but what do I tell them when they ask why you're coming home? CLOSE UP LINDA AND EVE P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (smiling) Just tell them I have some news and leave it at that, Eve, (looks at Dave, laughs) Or tell them, I'm pregnant! EVE (laughing too) OK, Pigpen, give me a buzz on 4603 when you get to Mom's. ANGLE ON LINDA Linda stands up, but leans over to remain in camera view. She grabs her bag, a pile of papers from the printer and tosses a few other things in it, including the silver box. LINDA (laughing as she turns to face Dave, she winks) See you for cocktails, Squirt. (patting Dave under the chin) OK Flyboy, call in the cavalry! ANGLE ON DAVE Dave stands quickly completely flustered and confused. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16. DAVE (exasperated, frustrated) Hold your horses, Hotshot, the US military is not your personal taxi service so you can have drinks with your family. ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA WIDENING TO FULL SHOT OF LINDA'S OFFICE TO CLOSE UP LINDA Linda turns and leans against her desk, giggling to cover fits of laughter. Holding up one hand she asks him to wait. Finally, able to speak again, she takes a deep breath and turns to Dave. LINDA (still amused by Dave's predicament, waving her arms around her) People are listening to everything we say, CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) (winking, again) We always talk in code, silly boy. ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) (seriously) Cocktails is our code word for extreme security. She now setting up a level five lab and erasing all traces of anyone every using it. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (raising an eyebrow, finally resigning) Before using it for what? ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (looking through a pile of folders and pulling out one) If this scroll is what I think it is, we are the only three people who will ever know about this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (skeptically) Well, so far you are they only one who understands the scroll. And when are you going to tell me, Pigpen? (laughing lightly) Cute nickname, appropriate! P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (smoldering fire in her eyes) Pigpen is code for an unsecured line to my side. (playfully sticking out her tongue at him) FULL SHOT LINDA AND DAVE STANDING IN LINDA'S OFFICE Dave pulls a small two way radio from an inside pocket. DAVE (holding up his hands in surrender) Whatever the Lady says! (talking into the two- way radio) Pick up in five minutes, Major. (slipping the radio back in place) CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (raising an eyebrow) Chopper waiting in the wings? CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (devious smile, patting his pocket) We were never alone, Pigpen! ANGLE ON DAVE FOLLOWING Dave starts walking toward the door he came in. DAVE (CONT'D) (pointing up with his finger) But we should discuss it up there. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18. ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (smiling) I'm ready! (putting the folder and box in her bag) FULL SHOT LINDA AND DAVE STANDING IN LINDA'S OFFICE Linda turns to her left and opens another door, clear and unobstructed. Linda stands in the doorway looking at the bewildered Captain. P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (CONT'D) (giggling, beckoning with her finger,) This way, my silly Flyboy! DISSOLVE TO: Music: David Bowie Diamond Dogs EXT. FRONT OF MUSEUM STEPS -- MORNING -- CONTINUING P.O.V. LINDA FOLLOWING Helicopter is waiting when Linda and Dave exit museum and quickly board it. CUT TO: INT. HELICOPTER QUIET INTERIOR, BUCKET SEATING IN REAR PASSENGER COMPARTMENT FULL SHOT LINDA AND DAVE ENTERING BACK OF HELICOPTER Dave buckles Linda into her seat and then does the same for himself. PILOT, MAJOR TOM "ROCKET" O'LEARY, JR. is sitting in the single forward cockpit seat, only obscured by his seat-back. Full forward view above computer consoles, all the way back to the doors. Large windows on doors. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (leaning forward to talk to pilot) Medical emergency, Doctor Stevens needs asap to our destination. Can do, Major? PILOT (over the intercom, military manner) Can do, Sir. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19. ANGLE ON LINDA, WINDOW IN BACKGROUND Helicopter lifts off very quickly and bolts into the sky using afterburners. All the occupants are forced back into their seats for a few moments only. LINDA (speaking softly to herself, smiling as she struggles to turn her head and look at Dave beside her) Medical emergency? Yes, it will only take Eve about 10 minutes to prep the lab. (in a normal voice as the acceleration eases off) Major, what is your call sign? FULL SHOT LINDA AND DAVE SITTING IN BACK OF HELICOPTER PILOT (over the intercom) They call me, Rocket, Dr. Stevens, but my name is Major Tom Rocket O'Leary, Jr.! P.O.V. LINDA LOOKING OUT THE FRONT OF THE CABIN PILOT (CONT'D) (leaning back to look at Dave, then smiling at Linda) ETA 46 minutes, Sir. LINDA (leaning forward) Thank you Rocket, please call me Linda, my father is Dr. Stevens. Do you have any family? PILOT (over the intercom) Wife and three teenage daughters, Dr. Stevens. ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (laughing) You poor man! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20. CLOSE UP PILOT PILOT (laughing as he turns his head to look at Linda) It's a burden some of us bear happily! A complete change from my military life, I like change. It suits me, just fine. P.O.V. LINDA LINDA (very serious) Do you know where we're going, and what we are doing, Rocket? (pulling a slip of paper out of a side pocket in her bag and handing it to Pilot, not waiting for a response) Please set our course on your NAV computer to Ap3046, there's a place to park the helicopter when we get there. PILOT (laughing, holding up his hands) Am I being hijacked? CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (sitting back) I don't want to be followed to grandma's place! ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (to Pilot) Execute course change, Major. (turning back to Linda, proudly) This bird is a stealth prototype and can not be seen on any radar or detection systems, including our own. Built with encrypted communication systems and variable frequency modulation, so nobody's listening either. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21. ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA TO CLOSE UP LINDA (turning to face Dave) All good and fine, Sir, but you still leave an electronic signature as well as a heat wake. Least of all some eager beaver actually seeing your precious piece of technology. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) (turning her head to pilot) No more calling home, please Rocket. (laughing as she turns back to Dave) So who are you really, Captain? Not just some errand boy I take it? CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (only looking down at his laptop, trying not to smile) Oh, just one of the people running the planet, nobody special, nobody important. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (laughing again) That is usually the lie they tell the fools, Dave, as my Uncle Tom would say. P.O.V. LINDA PILOT (leaning back to look at Linda again) Commander Topcat Stevens was my father's wingman in 'Nam through 843 missions. How is your uncle enjoying his gator hunting. ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA LINDA (surprised, but also curious) He's hunting more big snakes these days than gators. But he's still flying. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22. DAVE (looking up at Linda, finally smiling just a little) Rocket and I nearly grew up together. His Dad flew my Dad around the globe, after 'Nam. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (laughing confidently, leaning forward inflection of recognition) You're Icepick's son? CLOSE UP PILOT PILOT (laughing as he looks back at Linda) Pretty good guess, Linda, and in only three questions, I said under five. (turning to Dave, seriously, but with a smile) That's drinks on you tonight, Captain. FULL SHOT LINDA AND DAVE SITTING IN BACK OF HELICOPTER LINDA (joining the laughter) We'll have to get Eve to call Mom and set another plate for dinner. Dad will insist. And my father will be buying drinks tonight. DAVE (trying not to laugh himself) Hold on Rocket, we have business to finish first. LINDA (smiling, curiously) And what business is that, Dave? DAVE (businesslike, looking back down at his laptop) To get you to where we're going. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23. PILOT (over intercom) On final approach, Sir. ANGLE ON LINDA, WINDOW IN BACKGROUND LINDA (surprised, turning to look out window) Now that's what I call service! ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (bowing his head, smiling) Anything for the Lady. CUT TO: EXT. HELICOPTER LANDING ON HELIPAD IN WOODED FARMLAND -- MOMENTS LATER Helicopter lands quickly beside a large hanger and its engines shut down. Large doors on the hanger open and the helicopter enters, turning around as it does. The three figures exit the hanger and the large doors close behind them. A lone woman is standing beside a gray car. FULL SHOT LANDING AREA FOLLOWING THREE FROM HANGER ANGLE ON LINDA AND EVE Linda and Eve embrace and exchange kisses. LINDA (finally releasing Eve) Glad to see you again, Squirt. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (laughing, holding on to Linda's arm, turning to face the two men) Oh, you brought one for me! Thanks Pigpen, well, hop in boys. FULL SHOT LOADING CAR Dave and Eve head for the driver's side as all the doors suddenly open automatically, all at once. Linda quickly slips into the back seat, Eve behind the wheel, leaving the two men standing alone, outside the car. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24. P.O.V. PILOT Pilot stands by the open door, scanning the surroundings, before finally entering car. EVE (CONT'D) (smiling as she slides behind the steering wheel, patting the seat beside her) Don't be afraid, climb in the front, Rocketman! ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (giving another look around before sliding in behind Eve, but not until he sees Linda get inside) Stealth homing beacon, nice gear Eve. FULL SHOT CAR LEAVING All four doors close at once and the car quickly speeds away. DISSOLVE TO: INT. EVE'S LAB, FILLED WITH MEDICAL EQUIPMENT -- LATER FULL SHOT LAB FROM P.O.V. DOORWAY Eve enters first, quickly followed by Linda. Dave and Pilot enter, but stop in the doorway to look at all the equipment. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (laughing, holding hands high in the air as she spins around) Welcome to my little shop of horrors! ANGLE ON LINDA AND EVE EVE (CONT'D) (looking at Linda) So whose our victim tonight, Big Sister? LINDA (laughing) I'm so sorry, Little Sister, but it's not one of those, yet! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (CONT'D) (pulling the box and folder out of her bag) Is the replicator up and running, like I asked. P.O.V. DAVE EVE (smiling as looks back at Dave) Everything you asked for last night. P.O.V. LINDA Rocket and Dave look at each other. DAVE (looking at Linda) Hold on one minute, what do you mean, last night? ANGLE ON LINDA Linda opens the box and takes out the scroll, unrolling the scroll completely on a table designed for it. LINDA (looking up at Dave) Dr. Forester called me after your visit and suggested the idea of reanimation, so I had Eve set things up just in case. ANGLE ON EVE Eve is sitting at her microscope, her back to the others. She waves to the men to find a seat and turns to Linda. P.O.V. EVE LINDA (CONT'D) (turning to Eve) From what I could see from my first reading of the scroll, the DNA should be viable, so if you slip it into the microscope it will show up. Linda walks over to Eve at the microscope, turning the box over in her hands, opening the bottom, removing the transparent vial and handing it to Eve. Eve slips the vial into a slot in the front of the microscope and leans over the eyepiece, looking at the sample inside. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (excited, without looking up at Linda) You were the only one to touch the vial, right, Linda? (pausing) How long was it exposed to light? ANGLE ON LINDA AND EVE LINDA (staying at Eve's side) What's up, Eve? Only about ten seconds, as little as possible. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (looking up at Linda) This thing is definitely alive, gang. From what I can tell, it's ready for immediate regeneration. It started as soon as the vial was exposed to the light source by Linda in here lab. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (CONT'D) (pausing as she glances at the computer screen next to her) Since I put the vial into the microscope it has tripled in size and should either dissolve its casing or it will explode within the hour, (peering back into microscope) Or less! (pulling back and flipping on another larger monitor for everyone to see) P.O.V. DAVE Linda goes back to the table with the scroll starts studying a section intensely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 27. EVE (CONT'D) (turning to face the others) What you have here folks, is the self-replicating DNA of a single human being. What I would like to do is put it in the replicator, (pausing as she taps numbers on her keyboard) If you can confirm the settings from the original, sister. (looking over at Linda studying the scroll) ANGLE ON LINDA FOLLOWING LINDA (looking up) Just what you thought, Eve. (moving her finger down the scroll) Our friend here is the original human to inhabit our planet and lived a couple of dozen, thousand years before his first regeneration. BACK TO SCENE LINDA (CONT'D) (standing back and turning to face the others, a contented look on her face) This will be his fiftieth. DAVE (a little stunned, looking at Linda) So who are you two really working for? ANGLE ON EVE FOLLOWING Eve pulls the vial from her microscope and walks over a large chamber and opens the door. Entering, she places the vial on a low platform before exiting the chamber and closing the door. As soon as the door closes the chamber is flooded with an intense light, strong enough that it can no longed be looked at. Eve walks back to her computer station and starts entering information on the keyboard. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28. EVE (laughing, finally turning to face Dave) We work for the same people as you, Dave, "We the People", anyway it's all academic now. From my rough calculations we should have results in less than thirty minutes, possible much sooner. (pointing at the monitor, very excited) If you look at this sequencing, its going off the scale! ANGLE ON GROWTH CHAMBER The vial, standing on end, has started to emit more intense glow. Inside the chamber the vial has under gone a transformation and has exceeded it container, visibly growing in size. The Pilot walk over to the chamber and peers at the object inside. CLOSE UP PILOT PILOT (pointing at the chamber) I don't think you'll have to wait that long, Eve, look now. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA Well folks, we did it! Nothing can stop it now, it's self-generating. ANGLE ON DAVE FOLLOWING Dave stands up and walks over to stand beside Eve. DAVE (leaning over Eve's shoulder, his voice almost a whisper because of his astonishment) What are you feeding it, Eve? CLOSE UP EVE TO ANGLE ON LAB Without looking up, Eve hand signals to Linda as she reads the dials on her computer screen. Linda moves over to a monitoring station with several video screens and starts entering notes on a touch pad. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (laughing as she looks up at Dave) Nothing more than as much light as it will absorb! (looking back at the screen) We go critical in three, two, one, ..., ANGLE ON LINDA FOLLOWING Linda walks over to the chamber and looks at the dials on a monitor beside the door. LINDA (excited, trying to keep her cool as she looks back to her sister) There's a shape forming, Eve, already 22 kilos. P.O.V. LINDA EVE (snapping out quickly) Absorption rate at max, now at 30 kilos. LINDA (excited) I can see a human shape forming in the chamber, 48 kilos. CLOSE UP FORM IN CHAMBER DAVE (concerned, voice over) Can you contain it, Eve? ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (confidence) 63 kilos and starting to level off. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (smiling sheepishly looking at Dave) If I knew what I was containing Dave, I might know how to do it. (looking back at monitor) We're now at 67 kilos, absorption falling. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (looking over at Dave, now seriously) This is a level 5 security lab, Dave, nothing can get out of here. This place would meltdown first, (pausing for effect) With all of us inside. FULL SHOT LAB PILOT (nervously) Oh, that's great, rockets red glare. EVE (smiling confidently as she turns to face the Pilot) Not likely skyboy, I have an over- ride. ANGLE ON CHAMBER TO FULL SHOT OF LAB LINDA (hand signaling Eve) Anyway, absorption rate is now down to 20 percent. 72 kilos, 187 centimeters. EVE (looking over at Dave, pointing to a cabinet) There's a white linen robe in that cabinet next to you Dave. Grab it, please. (looking back at her computer) Rate is now nine percent. Steady at 72 kilos. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31. ANGLE ON DAVE Dave goes and opens the cabinet to find a single robe, takes it out and turns to face Linda. DAVE (hold the robe in front of himself) You have everything prepared, don't you? P.O.V. DAVE LINDA (taking the robe) The next part is going to be your job, getting our guest to his next designation. ANGLE ON PILOT PILOT (bewildered, he sits back down on his stool) If we knew where we were going! FULL SHOT LAB EVE (proudly) He'll be able to tell you soon enough. We have a human lifeform, absorption rate is zero. (hand signaling Linda again) You can open the door now, Linda. ANGLE ON CHAMBER DOOR Linda pulls chamber door open and a male figure walks forward. LINDA (nervously, holding out the robe to the naked figure, momentarily touching his hand) You might be more comfortable in this. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (gratefully, calmly, always smiling) Thank you, Linda. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32. CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (astonished) How did he know your name? CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (nodding, smiling, certain) Knowledge transference, right? FULL SHOT LAB LINDA (CONT'D) (Adam nodding in conformation) The moment I touched his hand I could read his thoughts, I knew his mind in a instant. Eve now standing up, walks forward, hand extend. ANGLE ON EVE AND ADAM TO CLOSE UP The pair stand mesmerized with each other, staring into each others eyes, not speaking for a long moment, until without looking, finally reach out hands at the same time. EVE (excitedly, holding Adam's hand firmly in her own) I'm Eve. ADAM (taking her hand and holding it in both of his, smiling broadens as he gazes into her eyes) Yes, I know, I'm Adam. (holding pose in silence for another long moment) So you are the one who made this possible, thank you. It feels good to be breathing again. EVE (with complete modesty, but in true character) You're welcome, Adam, but it wasn't only me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 33. FULL SHOT LAB P.O.V. ADAM ADAM (turning his head to look at the others) Yes, all of you have done your parts very well, thank you. There is still much work to be done yet and I am now asking you to help me further. The two military men simply nod their heads in reflex action, mesmerized by Adam's presence before them, let alone his existence in the first place. Linda and Eve simply smile. P.O.V. LINDA ADAM (CONT'D) (speaking to Linda, but continuing to stare at Eve) I could use some fluids, please Linda, citrus fruit would be best. I need to build my immune system up to the current bacteria levels. EVE (still staring at Adam, hand signaling Linda) There's some orange juice in the fridge behind you, sis. We could all use something to drink, I think, thanks. FULL SHOT LAB Eve and Adam finally break their gaze and pull away from each other. Together they move over to a round table. The two military men instinctively move over to greet Adam. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (turning to Dave and Rocket, extending his hand) Good day gentlemen, thank you for my security. I know you have a lot of questions, but all will become clear, or at least clearer than it is now, ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (CONT'D) and very soon, but first I need to build back my strength. (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34. ADAM (CONT'D) (reaching out and shaking both their hands) Please be patient. EVE (motioning to the others) Why don't we all have a seat so we can listen to Adam's message. They all sit down at the table, in comfortable chairs. Eve sits beside Adam, while Dave and Rocket sit down on the opposite side of the table. Linda quickly passes out glasses of juice, leaving the pitcher in front of Adam and then sits down herself. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (smiling confidently) Thank you all for having the courage to do what you have done. This is only the beginning and I am going to need your help with a few things before I go to meet your governments. (reaching out his hands to the others) Please, join me and grasp the hand of the person beside you. As the first to meet me, in over 25 millennia, I want you to be the first to share in the gift I am bringing to mankind. FULL SHOT LAB Adam closes his eyes and as the circle is completed, a small ball of light begins forming among them, hanging just above the table. The ball of light grows in intensity and soon fills the room before quickly fading out. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. AERIAL SHOT OF WHITE HOUSE FOLLOWING MARINE ONE AS IT APPROACHES AND LANDS FOLLOWING -- EVENING FULL SHOT MARINE ONE DOORS OPENING FOLLOWING A uniformed military officer exits, followed by an Aide. They walk into the side door of the White House. INT. OVAL OFFICE Two men, the VICE-PRESIDENT and LOUIS, are sitting in front of a large desk, behind it sits the PRESIDENT. They are having ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35. an animated discussion when the GENERAL enters. The PRESIDENT'S AIDE stands by the door. ANGLE ON GENERAL FOLLOWING The General salutes the President before opening his briefcase and pulls out some papers. GENERAL (handing the President a piece of paper) Good evening Mr. President, gentlemen, I have the latest information for you, Sir. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (takes the paper and starts reading it) Good evening General, let's see what you have. P.O.V. PRESIDENT GENERAL (passing out papers to the others) The Captain exited the museum with Dr. Stevens and boarded his helicopter, then headed at normal toward National before he went completely stealth. The last message we have from them is heading for MIT. There is no evidence of a crash or of the bird being forced off it's course. It just disappeared, Mr. President, but of course it's designed to do just that. BACK TO SCENE OVAL OFFICE AIDE (panic in his voice) Nothing just disappears anymore General. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (holding up his hand) Ease off George. Exactly what kind of a chopper were they flying, Tom? (turning to General) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 36. CLOSE UP GENERAL GENERAL (unflinching) One of our new stealth Blackhawk helicopters, Mr. President, with a custom communications and eavesdropping package installed by Captain Rennolds, himself. (handing the President a photo of the helicopter) Because of the secrecy of his mission, no records were kept on any construction or maintenance on the bird, Mr. President. ANGLE ON GENERAL GENERAL (CONT'D) (turning to Aide, with a hint of pride) And yes, George, this helicopter can just disappear, that's what it was designed for. ANGLE ON VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (nervously) And what of the box and its contents, General O'Leary? CLOSE UP GENERAL GENERAL (turning to Vice- President) Mr. Vice-President, this morning, Captain Rennolds took the box and the scroll with him to Harvard to show it to Dr. Forester, who then contacted Dr. Stevens. P.O.V. PRESIDENT GENERAL (CONT'D) (turning back to the President) Rennolds then flew back to Washington and landed directed in front of the Smithsonian. We suspect Dr. Stevens has seen the scroll, has understood its contents and is now following its directions, Mr. President. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 37. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT TO ANGLE ON VICE-PRESIDENT FOLLOWING VICE-PRESIDENT (turning to the President) So we still don't know one way or another? What can we do, if anything? (standing and pacing nervously) ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (waving a hand at the Vice-President) Well Mike, I don't think we need panic, yet. (turning to the General) Any word from your son, General? ANGLE ON GENERAL GENERAL (calmly) That's the reason I wanted to have this meeting Mr. President. Just before the Captain returned to the helicopter with Dr. Stevens, Rocket called me, babbling something about Adam and his rebirth, and something about a new age for the human race. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (turning to Louis, sitting by himself) Louis, what do you have on this Linda Stevens and her sister, Eve? (turning back to the General) Tom, didn't you fly with a Captain Stevens? ANGLE ON GENERAL GENERAL (proudly) Yes, Mr. President, I flew with their uncle in Nam, Captain Sam Stevens, top rate fighter pilot he was. ANGLE ON LOUIS Louis opens a briefcase a pulls out two large folders, opens the first one, glances over a couple of pages, opens the other folder and does the same before speaking. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 38. LOUIS (very softly, but seriously) Yes, General, we have that information, three times decorated, silver star and metal of honor, but we are not concerned about your exploits in Vietnam, only what is going on now. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) (turning to the President, reading from his notes) These woman, Linda and Eve, gifted, both of them, home schooled by their parents, both had completed several doctorates before their eighteenth birthdays. Linda took after her mother, Marie, who speaks 36 languages, but to an extreme and is said to be able to see a language. P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (CONT'D) (looking up at the President, smiling slightly) We tried to recruit her years ago, but has her father's extreme globalist views, far to independent for Company use. We have worked very hard to keep her close enough and for the past several years we've had her here in Washington, at the Smithsonian, under our man Turner. (looking back at his notes) He's set up an incredible security tracking at the museum, so she's been carefully watched. She's done more work in her first two years than Turner's entire graduating class has done in the preceding ten, but for the past year has been working on very ancient languages. She has attended several conferences with Dr. Forester in the last six months. (looking back up at the President) She is in almost continuos communication with her sister at MIT, both video and audio, but they (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 39. LOUIS (CONT'D) only ever talks about family matters, never her work. We're sure it is some form of code, but have not been able to break it, so far. Linda Stevens does have a lab at her home, but unfortunately everything is very well shielded, so we have nothing from there. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Shielded from what? (wringing his hands nervously) ANGLE ON LOUIS AND VICE-PRESIDENT LOUIS (leaning forward slightly and looking directly at the Vice- President) From you, Mr. Vice-President, her father's talents, but her mother's paranoia. Even though they are globalist, they still value their personal privacy. Dick Stevens has set up shielding even we can't penetrate. P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (CONT'D) (turning back to the President) The two sisters have always been very close, so I am sure they do all their real communications from their respective secured homes. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT The Vice-President starts to say something, but is cut off by the President. PRESIDENT (waving a hand at the Vice-President) Ease off Mike. What have you got on where her sister, Eve, is now, Lou? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 40. ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (slightly embarrassed) I sorry, Mr. President, she vanished two days ago. She was scheduled to be going on vacation, (looking at his notes) Sailing, I believe, but we don't know from where or even if she has left. We know she has a lab outside of MIT, but old Dick has done a good job of keeping it from our eyes, so far. P.O.V. LOUIS PRESIDENT (nodding acknowledgement) Do you have anything else on this box and it contents? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (resentment in his voice) I've never seen anything like that box, or that woman. It took our boys 18 months open it and Linda Stevens does it in less than 8 seconds. ANGLE ON VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (accusingly) There must be a leak, nobody's that smart. ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (defensively) There are no leaks, Mr. Vice- President, but she knew exactly what it was. It seems that she's been studying the idea from the other end of the problem for the past year with the expectation possibly finding one. (with astonishment and respect) With only one scan of that scroll I am absolutely sure she knows exactly what it says. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 41. Louis stands and starts pacing at his end of the Oval Office. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) (gravely concerned turning to face the President) There was something else we didn't expect, Mr. President, a second compartment, which Linda opened as easily as the first, contained a glass vial. We believe this vial contains the DNA of the first human, Adam. P.O.V. LOUIS VICE-PRESIDENT (excited) You're kidding? (starting to stand up) ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (shouting as he stands up) Sit down Mike! Now! (calming down, but still startled) FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE The President walks over to Louis and taking his elbow, guides him back to his seat. PRESIDENT (CONT'D) (calmly) Sit down Lou, let me do the pacing. Now, let me guess, you now think, Linda's sister, Dr. Eve Stevens, the greatest the geneticist the world has ever known, has this vial in her possession and is attempting to clone a copy of the original human being, Adam. ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (uncertainly) We know her father's company has labs scattered across the globe, even a couple of facilities onboard ships. (pausing) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 42. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) She could be at any one of them or none of them. CLOSE UP AIDE AIDE (glaring at Louis, waving his hand at him) (sarcastically) Great, Louis, anymore earth shattering news from the CIA? CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (turning to his Aide) (impatiently) Enough George, your sarcastic wit is not needed. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (CONT'D) (turning on Louis) Do you think she can do it, Lou? And if not, how soon? (urgently) CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (concerned) Mr. President, we have reason to believe she has already developed the ability to reproduce DNA and regenerate life. P.O.V. LOUIS VICE-PRESIDENT Is that like those alien lovers, the Raelians, the ones that claim God is from another planet? ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS Yes, Mr. Vice-President, but unlike the Raelians, the Stevens have been keeping very quiet about their abilities. No fancy press conferences about clone babies oar anything like (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 43. LOUIS (CONT'D) that. They have a world-wide reach now and their message is attracting new followers every minute. P.O.V. LOUIS GENERAL (curiously) How do these Raelians fit into the picture, Mr. Director? ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (turning to the General, seriously) Dr. Stevens may be using them to propagate the message that this Adam of her's is their creator, returned to Earth to bring about global peace. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) (frustrated) Or it may be just a distraction, a misdirection, to keep us from looking elsewhere. FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE GENERAL (concerned) And could they do this, spread these false rumors? LOUIS (frankly) They reached a global threshold several years ago, and now have setup churches in over 184 countries around the world. That gives them the ability to disseminate any message they want. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (concerned) Any unusual movement of their leaders lately, Lou? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 44. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (puzzled) That's the funny thing, Mr. President. From what we have been able to find out, they seem to be out of the loop, all of them are still on their regular schedules. P.O.V. PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (frustrated) So what are the other possibilities? LOUIS (seriously) The civilization that built that little box was not stupid. We couldn't see into it or cut into it. Nothing we did had any effect on it. If Captain Rennolds hadn't discovered those ancient diagrams about the box makers themselves, we'd never have got it opened. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (impatient) Could you get to the point, Louis. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (burst out) For shit sake, Mike! P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (calmly) It's OK, Mr. President. As I was saying, any civilization that had the technology to create such a box, (briefly pausing) Would not rely on us having the technology to do anymore than supply raw materials and energy, at best. GENERAL (butting in) Self-activating DNA, triggered if not fueled by light, right? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 45. LOUIS (nodding to the General's insight) Yes, General O'Leary. Mr. President, we suspect that Dr. Stevens could be talking to him right now. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT The President pushes back his chair and raises his arms, outstretched. PRESIDENT (laughing, almost shouting) Guess what America, God is back! DISSOLVE TO: EXT. OUTSIDE FARMHOUSE -- NIGHT Adam and Eve are standing together, leaning against a fence, Adam has his arm around Eve's shoulder, both are looking up at the stars. P.O.V. ADAM LOOKING UP AT THE NIGHT SKY ADAM (staring up) Not much has changed in twenty-five millennia, only a slight progression. Still as beautiful as I remember it. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (looking at Adam) Do you really remember it all, Adam? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (looking at Eve) Yes, all of it. Do you want to know, Eve? ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE Adam and Eve start walking down a pathway to a garden. EVE (hesitantly) It would take me many life times just to begin. (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 46. EVE (CONT'D) (starting to turn away) There is so much to learn on this planet, and now you are presenting us with the challenge of unraveling the mysteries of the whole universe! (turning back to look at Adam as they walk) Where does one begin? ADAM (pulling her closer to himself) Each of you was chosen to find me. We planned for each of you, a special task, best suited to your talents and abilities. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (CONT'D) (stopping to look into Eve's eyes) Your sister's talent with languages will be enhanced, as will David's talent with computers and encryption codes. Rocket's reflects, observational skills, and his memory will be heighten to augment his natural abilities as a pilot and soldier. (pausing) All to them including you too, Eve. (turning to face Eve) CLOSE UP EVE EVE (stopping and turning to face Adam) What do you mean, when you said we planned it? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (mischievous smile) You are the free spirit I have been searching for most of my life. (lightly tracing his finger tips over her cheek) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 47. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE (her body tensing) Every time you touch me, every time you come near to me, a joy overwhelms my entire being, I feel like nothing can go wrong, and yet deep inside me, is my inner spirit wanting to fight, to be free. (looking into Adam's eyes) Can you understand the struggle I'm going through? CLOSE UP ADAM AND EVE They stop in the pathway, Adam turning to face Eve. ADAM (quiet laughter in voice) Oh, my beautiful, fragile little rose, why are you so afraid of letting go, of being loved and of giving love. (pressing his hand to her cheek) CLOSE UP EVE EVE Oh, my goodness! (gasping) Please don't stop! (grasping her hand against his) CLOSE UP ADAM AND EVE ADAM (pulling her closer) You, it was hoped, would be a good match as a mate, companion, lover, a friend. But only of your own choice. Please, I only ask you to be open to the possibility. I would never force myself on you, Eve, never. EVE (astonishment on her face) Yes, I am starting to see more and I want to be open to it all, but please answer my question, you said, WE PLANNED IT. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 48. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (taking her hands in his hands) I am growing stronger with every moment. I didn't mention it to the others during the initial transference, but there is more to my powers, much more my dear. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (radiating smile) Yes, I don't know how, but yes, I know, my dearest Adam. (completely relaxing) ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE Adam moves in close to Eve and grasps her face in his hands. Pulling closer, she embraces his lips and a glow starts forming around them. Soon the light blinds any image of the two figures, holding for a few moments, before fading away. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (CONT'D) (face glowing, hair blown back) The pure love I feel, this is how we are supposed to live. Thank you Adam. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (smiling) You will grow stronger as I do, in the coming days. I will need a month of preparation, to be at full strength, before I can address your planet's peoples. I need to find a way of addressing as large a representative group as possible. Do you have this sort of assembly on present day Earth? EVE (nodding) Our United Nations represents almost every country on the planet, that should do just fine for your purposes. But first, we need to find you a place to stay, out of the watchful eyes of those who would want to (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 49. EVE (CONT'D) maintain the status quo and their power over others. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (concerned) This place is not secure? CLOSE UP EVE EVE (reassuring) It's secure enough for a short stay, but not if you're going to need a month or more. Do you like sailing? ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE Adam and Eve start walking again. ADAM (confused) I wouldn't know, I've never had a sailing, what is it? CLOSE UP EVE EVE (laughing) It's not something you eat, dear. (dreamily) It's a way to travel over water, under the power of the wind. It's a special freedom I enjoy when I want to get away from concerns of the world. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (CONT'D) (confidently) I have a 44 foot Benateau, big enough to be comfortable, but small enough to run single handed. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (smiling) Sounds like a great idea, will I be able to see some of the planet? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (nodding, but concerned) What about the others? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (confidently) They will have to go back, but don't worry, they'll be safe. Each has their tasks to do before we return. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE (relieved) When do you want to leave? CLOSE UP ADAM AND EVE ADAM (smiling as he draws her near) Not until first light, my dear, then we'll start our next adventure, together. (stopping and lightly kissing her again) CLOSE UP EVE EVE Well, first you'll have to meet my parents, a traditional thing in our culture, then on to our adventure, together. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (laughing) That is something I wouldn't want to miss, the experience of meeting the two people who are responsible for bringing you into the world! EVE (poking Adam with her finger) Oh you, just kiss me. (pulling him close) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 51. The two lovers melt together in a long passionate embrace, and as their lips touch, the glowing light returns, engulfing them once again. DISSOLVE TO: INT. OVAL OFFICE -- MORNING President is sitting at his desk reading. Vice-President enters through the door with a concerned look on his face. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (smiling) Mike, thanks for coming. Have a seat, please. P.O.V. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (nervously) Any word from the CIA? PRESIDENT (relieved) It seem the reports of the disappearance of our helicopter, Captain Rennolds and Linda Stevens were premature. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (confused) What? CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (matter of frankly) Yup, they landed back in Washington this morning, as if nothing happened. (surprised but relieved) Captain Rennolds says the contents of the vial were inert and they were at MIT checking it out. ANGLE ON VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (disappointment) Then, there is no Adam? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 52. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (indifference) No, apparently not. You sound disappointed, Mike. ANGLE ON VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (resigned) Well, part of me was actually hoping it was true, you know, the chance to meet God, himself. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (disappointed) You're not the only one, Mike. I too was curiously wanting it to be true, (pausing) (confidently) But Louis has checked it out, the lab shows them there for six hours, confirmed by witnesses. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (anxiously) And the other Dr. Stevens? PRESIDENT (relaxed) It would seem, she went sailing for six weeks, destinations unknown, and left two days ago. Been planning it for a couple of months, it seems. VICE-PRESIDENT (still tensely) And we have the box back in our possession? PRESIDENT (confidently) Yes, but it doesn't really matter anymore, now that we know what's inside it. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (suspicious) You mean what was in the box. Can we still trust them, even now? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 53. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (uncertainly) I don't know yet, Mike. Louis' people are keeping an eye on both of them. (more confidently) Tom is going to spend some time with his family. Rennolds and Linda Stevens seem to have taken an interest in each other and are first going to New York before spending a couple of days in the Bahamas or Bermuda, something like that. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT Has General O'Leary talked to his son yet? PRESIDENT (smiling) He was the one who suggested the leave, you know how much that kid likes to fly. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (laughing) I had always thought it was it was because of the four woman waiting for him at home. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (joining the laughter) Don't knock it Mike, maybe someday you'll see the light. DISSOLVE TO: Background music: Christopher Cross - Sailing EXT. LONG SHOT OF SAILBOAT FROM ABOVE FOLLOWING AS MUSIC PLAYS, CIRCLING CLOSER -- EARLY MORNING Gentle sailing Benateau 44CC through deep blue waters, St. Barts off in the distance. Few or no other boats on the water, within eyesight. CUT TO: EXT. SAILBOAT DECK -- EARLY MORNING -- CONTINUOUS Adam is standing behind the wheel, Eve lounging nearby. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 54. P.O.V. EVE ADAM (relaxed and happy, always smiling, scanning the horizon) This is my favorite time of the day, when everything is reborn to a new day. (turning to look at her) Thank you Eve, for teaching me how to sail. A much better way to travel than Tom's helicopter. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (not opening her eyes, smiling) You have to take the time to enjoy life, and one can do it much better at this speed. (sitting up slightly to look at Adam) But it's time to head back, (her face saddens) Isn't it? ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (still smiling) Yes, I think we should sail up towards New York, soon, but not to quickly, we'll still need a couple of more weeks. ANGLE ON EVE Eve gets up and stands behind Adam, wrapping her arms around his waist. Eve belly is bulging noticeably. EVE (smiling back) Well, that's good because it will take us almost that long to get there. (pointing at the approaching island) We'll be coming into St. Barts within the hour and I know a really nice place to have dinner tonight. (pausing) Then we can figure out which way to go back, stateside. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 55. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM You seem to know the best places to eat, everywhere we go. (laughing) It almost sounds like you do nothing more than eat. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (sliding around in front of Adam) Eating is more than just putting food in your mouth. (rubbing her belly) And besides, I eating for more than one now. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE (CONT'D) (wrapping her arms around his neck) Like I've been saying, you have to enjoy life, eating, playing, making love and I enjoy it all. ADAM (turning his face to Eve) I've noticed. (leaning forward and kissing her) CLOSE UP EVE EVE (laughing) And I've noticed you never turn down a meal offer. It would seem, 25 thousand years hasn't dulled your appetites. ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (laughing too) You make it very easy! (slapping her bottom and then squeezing it softly) And very enjoyable too. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 56. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE (rubbing his chest) Oh, don't you start that again or we'll never get anywhere. (kissing him lightly) P.O.V. ADAM TO ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM Unfortunately, we do have a mission to complete first, then we can spend all the time we want making love, but why don't you get lunch ready. (rubbing his stomach) And is that the place we're going to I can see up ahead. (pointing) CLOSE UP EVE EVE Yup, that's St. Barts, but it will be a while before we reach it and then we're going to the far side of the island. Keep it to the windward side, I'll go down and radio we're coming in. (releasing herself) ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (concerned) So far the passport Dave got for me is working, but I don't want to take any more risks than are necessary. EVE (looking back as she descends the steps, smiling) I know the people on St. Barts and they are known for their discretion. ADAM (laughing) Is there any place you don't know people? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 57. P.O.V. ADAM EVE (stopping halfway down into the cabin) If I don't know someone to call, then either my sister or mother know someone. (laughing) There are advantages to having a sister and mother who are linguists. They both get to meet a lot of influential people in their travels. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (smiling) Well, I'll leave all the arrangements in your capable hands. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (waving as she turns back as she continues down the stairs) Thank you, I'll be right back. DISSOLVE TO: INT. OVAL OFFICE -- NIGHT Louis enters Oval office following George. The President looks up from his papers, and pauses before speaking, taking time to judge the two men's faces. George sits in a big chair beside the President's desk and slumps down in the chair, only nodding slightly to the President. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (expectantly) I hope you have good news for me, Lou? P.O.V. PRESIDENT Louis starts pacing the floor, talking to himself, as much as to the others. He turns and looks straight at the President, but talks past him by several feet. LOUIS (dejected) We thought we did, Mr. President, but unfortunately, we've drawn another (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 58. LOUIS (CONT'D) blank. It seems Captain Rennolds and Linda Stevens haven't gone on vacation as planned, but have been in New York City for the past month, visiting all most every delegate at the United Nations. (frustrated, he turns and faces the largest window) But for what real reason, we still do not know. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (raising from his chair, leaning over his desk, angrily, almost shouting, pointing his finger at Louis) This is not good Louis, don't you think we need to know who they are talking to and what they are saying! P.O.V. LOUIS GENERAL (interjecting, trying to calm the President) She says she's trying to learn all of the languages of the United Nations, for a linguistic study she's conducting and all in 30 days, Mr. President! ANGLE ON LOUIS FOLLOWING Louis paces the floor, clenching several papers in his fist, waving them in the air. He turns and faces President. LOUIS (frustrated) Listen, every fucking time she goes into another office, with only two AA's and the ambassador, she always exits the meeting within two hours, fluent in their fucking language, Bingo! (jokingly, but still angrily) Next, please, every fuckin' time! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59. P.O.V. LOUIS The President has a startled look on his face as he slumps down in his chair. Louis stops in front of the desk and leans over the edge. P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (CONT'D) (resolute) Believe me, Mr. President, we've checked, full fluency in two hours. PRESIDENT (pointing his index finger into his other open palm, very frustrated, almost desperate) How, and why, Lou? That's what we have to know, how does she really do it, and what is her real purpose? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (trying to calm down the President, backs away from the desk, hands spread out, almost glaring at the President) We know she's good with languages, but this is a fucking bit too much. P.O.V. PRESIDENT GENERAL (worried, but also sarcastic) But that doesn't tell us why, Mr. Director of the CIA. I don't like this at all, and you call this intelligence? ANGLE ON GENERAL GENERAL (CONT'D) (turning to the President) Something fishy is going on here, Mr. President. (turning back to Louis) What really happened at MIT, Louis, can you at least tell us that? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 60. P.O.V. GENERAL Louis is pacing again, almost crushing the papers clenched in his fist, waving them in the air and he speaks. LOUIS (frustrated) We thought we had traced their movements back to a point just before their journey to MIT, but now it turns out we've not found a single person who can say what they were actually doing there or even if they were there at all, excepts for the records and the videotapes. (dejectedly tuning to face the President as he stands in front of his desk) And those could have been faked easily enough. ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (calming himself, by switching subjects) Anything else on the box and the vial? LOUIS (seriously) Captain Rennolds had been able to get only bits and pieces from the scroll before he went to see Linda Stevens and since has given us little more. Our lab says the material in the vial is nothing they know or understand, just that it is completely inert, and lifeless, (pausing only slightly) And so, totally useless in unraveling this mystery. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (nervously) Could this vial contain a special power over people, allowing them to read others minds and thus their language, so quickly? (jokingly) Has anyone tried ingesting any of it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 61. ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT LOUIS (leaning across the desk, almost face to face with the President, smiling to himself) As a matter of fact, Mr. President, I was the first. (waving the President to remain seated) I wasn't going to trust anyone else, Sir. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (concerned) Lou, we go a long way back, give it to me straight. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (seriously, businesslike) This guy who's traveling with Eve Stevens, on her sailboat, has to be Mossad, but our inside people can't find anything on him. His cover is too good. They showed up in the Grenadines, stayed for two weeks diving the Tobago Keys, where we could watch them, ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) (dejected) Once we finally found them. (standing back, raising his hands in the air and spreading them out wide) Then, pouf, they disappeared again! ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (nervously again) What has her old man, the mad scientist, designed that could cloak a 45 foot sailboat? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 62. P.O.V. PRESIDENT Louis starts pacing again. LOUIS (frustrated) Obviously nothing he wants to share with us, yet, Mr. President, (almost pissed off, turning the face the President) At least not until he's ready to share it. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (resigned, waving his hands in the air) That was not your best deal, Lou. (getting pissed off himself) Yes, you keep him in our hands, but shit, we have absolutely no idea what he and his daughters are doing anymore! CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (conciliatory) You know as well as I do Mr. President, we had to give him the freedom we did, to get from him and his closely guarded team, the technological advances, (pausing) We have gotten. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (angrily, banging fist on desk) Yes, I know all that, but after almost ten years we still have no idea of he's really working on, do we? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 63. P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (ignoring President's outburst, walking away to the window, again talking to himself, recalling vast sums of memory) He's been training his own students, starting with gifted kids, no older than ten years of age, and so we have no way of placing anyone on the inside. (scratching his head) He has labs in over fifty countries and has a fleet of aircraft and ships, to service them all. PRESIDENT (voice over) (exasperated) You have to have some idea what they're working on? LOUIS (turning to face the President, seriously as he walks back to the desk) His labs are in the forefront of the human genome project, so we can expect he's still working on his lifelong dream, his own immortality. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (surprised, almost laughing, but clearly holding it back) And you think he's done it? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (again leaning over the desk, face to face with the President, very threatening) Not yet, Mr. President, but he's getting very close, you can be sure. And when he does, (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 64. LOUIS (CONT'D) (pausing,) Then he'll have the real power over others, (pausing again, building tension, pointing first at the President and then the General) Over who lives and who dies. FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE Everyone stops talking for the moment, the President turning his chair around to face the window. The General begins to say something, but thinks better of it and at the glares from Louis, as the latter walks away from the desk and starts pacing again. PRESIDENT (talking to the window, frustrated, almost resigned, waving his hand at Louis) You know him as well as I do, Lou. His globalist views have been on record for years. He'll never give it to anyone until he can give it to everyone, leaving nobody in power. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (grinding his fist into his other palm) You know that can't be allowed to happen, it would be chaos, absolute anarchy. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (trying to calm down) Yes, Lou, of course I fully realize that, but we need his abilities and we need to at least seem, we're on the same side. (spinning his chair around quickly and leaning forward) But I am losing my patience with this mad scientist, Lou. But what is really bugging me is this fucking little box still. It has me rattled, Lou. What the fuck is it? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 65. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (turning back to the President's desk, leaning over it again, frustrated, scared) There are still to many inconsistencies, they just don't fit. (pausing) There is something going on, but we're still blind to what and when and to tell you the truth, Mr. President, I expect to have only a few hours warning, if that. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (sitting back in his chair, nervously questioning) But you think it's coming soon, don't you, Lou? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (standing back, upright, hands grasping lapels as if announcing something formally, resigned) Within the month, Mr. President. Even within the next couple of weeks, but it's just a feeling, and I do think this box is the key to the whole thing. ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (raising his hands in the air, palms out, dejected and defeated) Is there nothing we can do, but wait and only watch it happen, from the sidelines? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 66. XP.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (hopelessly frustrated he walks away from the desk to the window again and stares out) There's still Captain Rennolds, but I don't know if he can figure it out in time. P.O.V. LOUIS PRESIDENT (leaning back in his chair, nervous, angry) And can we now trust him, after contact with our mad scientist and his daughters? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (turning his head to the President, hands raised in resignation, calmly amused) All of our scans are negative, but there's something else, Sir, (pausing to smile) Though, one thing I can say, I'm sure he's in love with Linda Stevens. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (laughing) Oh great, Lou, now our only inside man is wrapped around her finger, being led by his pecker! ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (walking back to the desk, waving a finger at the President) No, Mr. President, not quite. Our only inside man is bringing our cause to Dr. Stevens, your mad scientist. I think it's our only chance or hope we have, for now. (turning to walk away and begins pacing again) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 67. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (leaning forward, seriously) Don't pull that plausible denial bullshit on me Lou, what's really worrying you? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (pausing in the middle of the room, elbow in his hand, finger pointing up, frustrated) It's his other daughter, this sailing freak, the real geneticist in the family, Eve. Who is this fucking man with her? (pausing) Could it really be this Adam? ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT Louis walks back to the desk. PRESIDENT (pushing himself back in his chair, surprised, shouting) What? You told me it was impossible! LOUIS (leaning over the desk again, uncertainty in his quiet voice) The problem is, Mr. President, that it may be very possible, (pausing) Self-regeneration of cell matter with just light, Linda Stevens at least gave us that. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (anxiously) Do you have any idea as to what this first man, Adam, is planning? He has to have a plan! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 68. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (rhetorically) What would you do if you were just frosted out after twenty-five thousand years, go sailing? ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (offhandedly) How about planting the seeds for taking over the world? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (angrily, slamming his fist down on the edge of the desk as the President begins to stand, but forces him back in his chair) Oh shit, Sam! Fucking shit, of course. Planting the fucking seed, why didn't I see it. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (trying to lean forward, worried, anxious) Lou, talk to me! P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (standing upright again, arms crossed, satisfied, calming himself) I sorry, Mr. President. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) (more assured) It now fits with what Linda Stevens is doing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 69. ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) (finding his chair and finally sitting down) This may seem like the extreme, but things are now starting to fall into place. (a smile starting) FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE The three men lean closer together, voices lowered, as if discussing a conspiracy. LOUIS (CONT'D) (pleased with himself, rubbing his hands together in self- satisfaction) So that's what that devious little woman was really doing all this time. The fucking little bitch, why didn't I see it sooner. PRESIDENT (waving his hand at Louis, frustrated) Get on with it, Lou. We'll deal with that fucking bitch later! CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (raising his index finger as if counting, determined) Telepathy, transfer of knowledge and feelings. It now makes sense and we only are starting to understand how it really works. (raising a second finger) If this Adam is alive. If he has the power to transfer his power and knowledge to others? (raising a third finger) If he wants to get that message to the widest base of people right from the start. And get it out as quickly as possible, then what would you do, first, Mr. President? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (relaxes back into his chair, understanding, but still confused) Learn all the languages on earth. The United Nations is the only place where all the major languages can be found, in one location. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (raising a fourth finger, confidently assured) But you couldn't do it yourself, you would need an agent. In walks the most renowned linguist we have on the planet? Coincidence or planning? ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (leaning forward) And? LOUIS (raising his thumb to count, five) You need to be virtually invisible, so you go sailing? With her sister, the genius geneticist, no less. (clenching his hand into a fist and grinding it into his other hand) No, there has to be a deeper plan to all this. (pausing, then opening out his arm and looking skyward, almost laughing) If I were you, you should be looking out into space, Sam, your God may be coming. FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE PRESIDENT (sitting back and laughing) Don't tell me, Lou, you've found God, too? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 71. LOUIS (siting back in the big chair and starts really laughing) Absolutely not! CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (CONT'D) (settling down and turning serious) No, what I mean, Mr. President, is this, you might think him God. Perhaps the Raelians may have been right all along. ET may be finally coming home! DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SAILBOAT DECK -- EVENING Adam and Eve exit to the deck and climb into a water taxi, parked on the starboard side of the sailboat. The weather is warm and they are dressed in island formalware. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE FOLLOWING EVE The Governor General of the island is a friend of my mother's and he said the chef here is a genius. ADAM (laughing) Is there anyone your mother doesn't know? EVE Speaking over 35 different languages gave my parents a lot of opportunities to travel and they took advantage of them. Mom still loves traveling, but Dad says he likes to sleep in his own bed each night, so Mom got him to buy a airplane, with a bedroom in the rear. Adam and Eve sit in water taxi. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (CONT'D) (laughing) Now, he doesn't have any more excuses! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 72. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (pointing up to the stars) When he sees what's really out there, he'll want more than a airplane! EVE (laughing) And that would suit Mom just fine, but it may take a day or two to convince Dad of that! CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (musing) And that's where you get your spirit for travel from, Captain Eve? CLOSE UP EVE EVE (smiling) Ever since I can remember I've had the travel bug. I want to see it all and, but I've only just started exploring this planet. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (contemplating) There are so many beautiful places created, have you ever been to Angel Falls? EVE (reflectively) Yes, I've even flown over it in a helicopter, the best way to see it. P.O.V. EVE EVE (CONT'D) (laughing) And how appropriate, we have arrived at l'Hotel Baie des Anges, the Bay of Angels Hotel. ADAM (laughing) The world is full of angels. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 73. Water taxi arrives a dock. Adam and Eve climb out of the water taxi. CUT TO: EXT. NIGHT - FULL SHOT BOAT DOCK FOLLOWING Adam and Eve walk up to the hotel and into the restaurant and are seated at a romantic table in the corner. Waiter is already gesturing a server over to the table. FULL SHOT TABLE WAITER As per your instructions, Dr. Stevens, the chef has prepared something very special for you tonight. It should be ready in a few minutes. (a server sets out two dishes) While you wait, the chef has prepared some wonderful shrimp cocktails for your enjoyment. Please enjoy. CLOSE UP EVE EVE Oh, thank you, Stanley, they look delicious. FULL SHOT TABLE WAITER (smiling) Thank you, Dr. (about to walk away, but turns back as Eve starts speaking again) EVE Could you select a nice white wine, I know your judgment is exceptional. Something light? WAITER I've already put two bottles on ice and I'll have your server bring one out to your table, Dr. Stevens. CLOSE UP EVE EVE Thank you, Stanley, once again, wonderful service. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 74. ANGLE ON WAITER WAITER Thank you, Dr., is there anything else we can do for you? (bowing as he backs away) ANGLE ON EVE EVE Everything is just great, again thank you very much, Stanley. (starting in on her cocktail) ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (questioningly) You certainly seems to know everyone! (starting his cocktail) EVE (laughing) Not everyone, just those who count! (calming down) Those who make such wonderful food, as this. Server comes to the table serves the wine and then leaves. ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (savoring his shrimp) Ah, this food is delicious! (sipping his wine) This is really a beautiful place, I hope to see many others, I'm very curious as to how much they may have changed. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE (trying to change the subject) Were all the seedings like our planet? ADAM (seriously) Earth was a special case, it was considered as a new beginning. It took a lifetime just trying to figure out how to actually do it and several (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 75. ADAM (CONT'D) hundred years to run the initial computer programs. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (almost laughing out loud) Sounds a lot like The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, forty-two! CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (confused) What do you mean, 42? CLOSE UP EVE EVE (settling down) A book by Douglas Adams, one of my favorites, actually a series of books about traveling the galaxy. (finally turning to face Adam) Based on Earth as being a giant supercomputer, run by a race of hyper- intelligent, pan-dimentional beings, (pausing, laughing) To try and find the question to the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, you know everything! (pausing again purely for effect) Of course, if the Answer is 42, so what is the question? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (curiously) And the question is? ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE (straight-faced) What do you get when you multiply six by nine. Eve smiles when she sees Adam's confusion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 76. ADAM (confused, mockingly scratching his head) That doesn't make any sense. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (laughing now) And life does? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (smiling again, laughing lightly) I see your point, (curious again) But when was this written? ANGLE ON EVE EVE It started with a radio series, on BBC, in the early seventies, through a five book trilogy, a six apart TV series and now a series of movies, with records and tapes scattered in there at various times. Why do you ask and why do you look so startled? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM It hit a little close to home, not what I expected. CLOSE UP EVE EVE And? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM We created the Earth because we were looking for the answer. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE To which the answer is 42? ADAM Yes, 42! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 77. CLOSE UP EVE EVE This is ridiculous, it was just a book. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM I think your Douglas Adams was closer to the truth than you would like to think. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (CONT'D) (touch her cheek with his hand) Ah, now I see, well he was close anyway. CLOSE UP EVE EVE You can read my thoughts that easily? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM And so can you, if you want. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE Eve and Adam pause as they stare at each other EVE Yes, now I see what the plan was, close but not perfect. DISSOLVE TO: INT. LINDA'S OFFICE, DESK AND SHELVES ALL CLEARED AND ORDERED -- MORNING Linda and Dave are sitting in front of a computer screen. FULL SHOT LAB LINDA (satisfied) Adam and Eve will be heading for Bermuda soon, feel like a vacation? DAVE Have you heard from your parents? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 78. LINDA (smiling as she turns to face Dave) They're on route to Delhi and then heading back home to the States. They should be back, (pausing to calculate) By the end of the week. Dad will have everything all ready to go when Adam arrives. ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA Dave takes Linda's hand in his. DAVE (concerned) I think Louis Harrison knows what is going on. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (nervously) How detailed? CLOSE UP DAVE DAVE (confidently) Oh, not enough to stop us, but he could put a wrench in things. ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (regaining her composure) Then we need to devise a back-up plan to put into place at a moments notice. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (smiling deviously) I think I may be able to come up with something, enough to keep him out of the loop until it's to late for him to stop things from happening. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (amused question) Do I need to know? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 79. ANGLE ON DAVE DAVE (mischievously smiling) No, not yet, but I may need your Dad's help when he gets back. (more seriously) Have you completed you language studies? ANGLE ON LINDA LINDA (satisfied and confident) Yes. All the remaining delegates are on route to their home countries and everything will be set for the opening of the UN's next session, in two weeks. ANGLE ON DAVE AND LINDA TO CLOSE UP DAVE (satisfied smile) Well, if everything is just about in place, then why shouldn't we take a vacation? Some nice, warm place? (laughing) Yea, that would be perfect, two weeks sitting on a beach. LINDA (joining in the laughter) I was hoping for more than just sitting on the beach. Linda leans over and gives Dave a lingering kiss. DISSOLVE TO: INT. OVAL OFFICE -- EVENING Louis enters to find Vice-President, the General, the President and Aide furiously in debate. The President is sitting at his desk and the others are sitting in a circle of chairs in front of him. FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE LOUIS (sarcastically) Well isn't this a happy bunch this evening, what's up boys? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 80. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (irate) Good Evening, Lou. The General's son has disappeared, with the helicopter. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT The Vice-President gets up and starts pacing behind the circle of chairs. VICE-PRESIDENT (panic in his voice and manner, throwing his arms in the air) Just what we need right now, a rouge pilot with the most lethal weapon we have, for which we have absolutely no defense. (turning to face the General) Why did you let him have free reign of that helicopter anyway? CLOSE UP GENERAL GENERAL (confidently) Let's not start getting paranoid Mr. Vice-President, he's not going to blow us up, for Christ sake! Or anybody for that matter. I know my son and his loyalties. (turning to Louis) His next assignment just happens to start in Bermuda and he was given permission to take his family on a vacation before it starts, using the chopper. FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE LOUIS (confidently) Relax, Mr. Vice-President, we've tracked your fancy helicopter to the island and he is in fact on vacation with his family. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT Turns it face Louis. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 81. VICE-PRESIDENT (sarcastically) And this is to reassure me, Mr. Director of the CIA! CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (annoyed and trying to regain control of the situation) That's enough Mike, sit down all of you and shut-up for a minute. (turning to Louis) Now what have you got for us, Lou? FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE The Vice-President reluctantly sits down in his chair. Louis pulls over a chair next to the General and sits down. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (uncertainly) Just that our elusive sailboat has showed up, again. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (nervously questioning) Where, Lou? FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE LOUIS (straight out) Nassau. With a panicked expression on his face, the Vice-President starts to say something as he begins standing, but Louis quickly waves him to sit back down in his chair. LOUIS (CONT'D) (irritated as he glares at him) Hold your horses, Mr. Vice-President, I'm not finished. We have also tracked Dr. Stevens and his wife, back from their world-wind tour, landing on the island, last night. (turning back to the President) We have also tracked Linda Stevens and your Captain Rennolds, arriving (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 82. LOUIS (CONT'D) last night, all booked into the same hotel. GENERAL (now his turn to be sarcastic) So the whole clan is together for an innocent family vacation, what's next? LOUIS (pulling out his note pad) No, I don't think it is so innocent, General. Dr. Stevens and his wife has been touring the globe at a record pace, never staying for more than a few hours at each stop. Each time meeting with key government or religious leaders and then moving on. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (concerned) A messenger, Lou? ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (a little uncertain) That's what it looks like on the surface, but they've only been to the most densely populated countries, none of the smaller ones. CLOSE UP AIDE AIDE (self-satisfied) If I may make a comment here? I think all those other smaller countries have already been covered, Mr. Director. PAN BACK TO FULL SHOT OF OVAL OFFICE AIDE (CONT'D) Gentlemen, in the past month, at least one delegate from each country at the United Nations has been sent home, and has had consultations with their respective national assemblies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 83. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (surprised) That's not unusual just before the beginning of a new assembly, is it? AIDE (very self-satisfied) No, Mr. Vice-President, but in each case, everyone of those delegates was a person who had just meet with Linda Stevens, in her so called quest to learn languages. LOUIS (very concerned and surprised) So all the needed messengers are already in place, yes, I see it now. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (sitting back, but very nervous) Then we have only days, Lou? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (a little more confident) No, I believe we'll have until the opening of the next session of the United Nations, Mr. President, in four weeks. ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (resigned) Then he'll make his move? LOUIS (confidently) Yes, Sir. I expect at the very opening of the speeches. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (confused) Who are you talking about now? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 84. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (running his fingers through his hair and laughing) Well Mike, you may not believe this, but I think we're all about to meet the original son of God, Adam, very soon! DISSOLVE TO: INT. HOTEL LOBBY -- EVENING Adam and Eve are walking through the lobby of the hotel, holding hands. They emerge from the hotel and stand on the steps looking out over the ocean. They stand holding each other, looking out over the vista and a reddening sunset. P.O.V. ADAM ADAM (sighing) It's a beautiful evening, in a beautiful place. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (looking at Adam as she smiles) Especially when you are sharing it with someone special. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (kissing Eve lightly) Your mother said she wanted to meet with us, before we go to dinner. EVE (concerned question) Did she say why? ADAM (smiling) She didn't say, but I think it has to do with just us. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (nervously questioning) What do you mean, just us? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 85. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (laughing) I mean us as a couple. She's a mother after all and is concerned about her baby. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE FOLLOWING DOWN THE STEPS TO THE VERANDA EVE (laughing herself too) Are we that obvious? ADAM (smiling, holding Eve's hands in his) Yes. Just looking at you now I can see the change myself and I'm one of those involved. CLOSE UP ADAM AND EVE EVE (pulling Adam close and lightly kissing his lips) Oh, that love struck puppy syndrome. ADAM Love is the greatest force we ever encountered, in any world. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (uncertain) And I am in love with you. Is that crazy, Adam? ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (smiling and lightly kissing her lips again) Far from it my dear. You are a person with a great capacity for love. That's why I have fallen in love with you, you really care. WIDE SHOT OF VERANDA MIRANDA approaches the couple as they turn around. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 86. CLOSE UP MIRANDA PANNING BACK TO FULL SHOT MIRANDA (smiling) There are my lovebirds. Eve breaks away from Adam's hold and hugs her mother. ANGLE ON EVE AND MIRANDA EVE Hello, mother. What's up? MIRANDA (laughing lightly) Nothing serious, my dear, I just wanted to have a little motherly chat with you two, before we all go to dinner. FULL SHOT VERANDA FOLLOWING The three walk over to a small table at the edge of the patio and sit down. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (relived and starting to laugh) Yes, Mother, that's your propagative, isn't it? P.O.V. MIRANDA MIRANDA (laughing) That's what mothers are for, my little girl! EVE (laughing, pulling her hair into pigtails) Little girl, you know she still calls me that. FULL SHOT TABLE A WAITER approaches with menus in hand. P.O.V. WAITER ADAM Could you bring us a bottle of that delicious red wine you were serving us last night, Charles? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 87. ANGLE ON WAITER WAITER The Graves, Sir? Will the rest of your party be joining you this evening? P.O.V. WAITER ADAM Yes, thank you, Charles. The others will be joining us for dinner in a little bit. FULL SHOT TABLE The Waiter departs. ANGLE ON MIRANDA MIRANDA (patting Adam's hand) You seem to be enjoying the finer things we have to offer, Adam? P.O.V. MIRANDA ADAM (leaning over and kissing Eve's cheek) Least of all your daughter, Miranda. P.O.V. ADAM MIRANDA (leaning back to look at the two of them) Yes, that I can see. You two are really in love and Eve's father and I are both very happy for the two of you. EVE (take her mother's hand) We are in love, mother, though I never thought it possible. MIRANDA (laughing, brushing her hand over Eve's cheek) Oh, don't be silly Eve, if you hadn't fallen in love with him, I would have! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 88. ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (jokingly) It was a hard choice, Miranda. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (joking too) She's already taken, Adam. FULL SHOT TABLE MIRANDA (dreamily) George and I fell in love the very first moment we laid eyes on each other. (leaning forward and grasping both their hands in hers) I just want the two of you to be as happy as we are. ADAM (smiling) And we are very happy, Miranda. MIRANDA (sitting back and waving a hand at Adam) Oh, quit it with the Miranda bit, just call me mother, you're part of the family now, Adam. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (seriously) Then should I call you grandmother? P.O.V. ADAM MIRANDA (questioning surprise) Call me what? EVE (surprise, head jerking to face Adam) Grandmother? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 89. FULL SHOT TABLE ADAM (smiling as he places a hand on Eve's belly) Yes, my love, I can already feel the child growing inside of you. MIRANDA (ecstatic) This is so sweet. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (bewilderment) I'm pregnant? P.O.V. EVE ADAM (seriously) Only about two weeks, but my perceptions are very accurate, a son and a daughter. P.O.V. ADAM EVE AND MIRANDA (surprised, in unison) Twins? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (laughing) Yes, twins, my love, very healthy twins. P.O.V. ADAM MIRANDA (beaming smile) Oh, this is wonderful news, but please don't call me grandmother, that's for my mother. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (stunned) Twins? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 90. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (concerned) Does it surprise you, Eve? P.O.V. ADAM EVE (relaxing) Yes and no, but twins? MIRANDA (joking) She was a slow learner, Adam. EVE (feigning annoyance) Mother, please. FULL SHOT TABLE ADAM (laughing) She is the brightest woman I have ever known, and the most beautiful too. MIRANDA (joining the laughter) We like to tease her that it took her the longest time before she started talking, but then she never stopped. I don't know how you get a word in edgewise, Adam. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (embarrassingly) Mother! FULL SHOT TABLE FOLLOWING MIRANDA (patting Eve's hand) Just a little family joke. EVE A joke they keep rubbing in my face. ADAM And a most beautiful face it is! EVE Not you too? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 91. Waiter approaches with a bottle and three glasses. MIRANDA Charles, some of your finest champagne, we are celebrating some good news, my little girl is going to have a baby! WAITER Right away Mrs. Stevens. Congratulations miss. EVE Thank you, Charles. WAITER I shall return right away. Waiter quickly departs. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (leaning over a kissing Eve) I hope I didn't spoil things by telling your mother before I told you? EVE (elated) Twins! Oh, Adam, I want the whole world to know. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (seriously) That won't take long, they will be born in another three weeks. P.O.V. ADAM EVE AND MIRANDA (surprised again in unison) Three weeks? ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (smiling pride) One of the advantages of my being their father is their accelerated growth. Yes, three weeks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 92. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (bewilderment again) Three weeks? FULL SHOT TABLE MIRANDA (jokingly) Like I said, a slow learner! EVE (laughing) Mother. ADAM (seriously) All of my offspring will inherit my powers of regeneration, including gestation. MIRANDA (smiling) Well, we'll have to go do some quick shopping tomorrow for baby clothes. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (anxiously) Three weeks, but we go to the UN in only four weeks. How can I do that with two newborn babies? P.O.V. EVE MIRANDA (laughing) That's what grandmothers are for dear. ADAM (calmly, reassuring) Everything is falling into place, my dear, you'll manage just fine. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (astonished) I'm having twins, in three weeks! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 93. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (concerned) Is it too soon, Eve? FULL SHOT TABLE EVE (laughing) No, my love, just a little overwhelming, that's all. Five week pregnancies are not a common thing these days. MIRANDA (taking Eve's hand in hers) But these aren't normal days any more, Eve. ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (confidently) Everything is working out as planned, please trust me, that's all I ask. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EXPANDING EVE (taking Adam's hand) I will, my love. The rest of the group arrives led by the maitre'd and server. Everyone starts sitting down at the table as the Waiter starts pouring the champagne. DICK embraces his daughter before sitting down. ANGLE ON DICK DICK (questioning) What are we celebrating, Miranda? P.O.V. MIRANDA MIRANDA (matter of frankly) Just that you are finally going to be a grandfather, dear! DICK (triumphantly) Grandfather, that's wonderful. It's about time! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 94. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (hesitantly) In three weeks, Dad. CLOSE UP LINDA LINDA (surprised) Three weeks? P.O.V. LINDA FOLLOWING EVE (starting but stopping) Yes. And twins too. ADAM (holding up one hand to stop Eve and taking her hand in his other hand) I think I should explain. DAVE (dumfounded) Yes, I think you should. Adam starts to speak but is interrupted when Linda gets up and goes over to Eve giving her a big hug. CLOSE UP LINDA AND EVE LINDA (warmly smiling) Congratulations, little sister. FULL SHOT TABLE TOM (reaching out his hand to Adam) Yes, congratulations to both of you. (standing and raising his glass) To the happy couple! DICK (raising his glass) Here, here to the lucky couple! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 95. ANGLE ON ADAM PANNING BACK TO TABLE SCENE ADAM (bowing his head) Thank you, everyone. (looking at the small group) P.O.V. ADAM ADAM (CONT'D) And now I think it is time to fill everybody in on the plan. DISSOLVE TO: INT. OVAL OFFICE -- MORNING -- THREE WEEKS LATER President is sitting at his desk when Louis rushes into the Oval Office completely distraught. He walks over to the President a throws a piece of paper on the desk, in front of him. P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (very upset) I am sorry for the interruption, Mr. President! PRESIDENT (voice over) (surprised) What is it, Lou? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (holding his copy of the same paper) (frustrated) Just a complete collapse in our intelligence. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT President reads the sheet of paper and then settles back in his chair, tossing the paper on his desk, back towards Louis. PRESIDENT (bewildered) The Ivory Coast? What is this? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 96. P.O.V. PRESIDENT LOUIS (apoplectic) Just what it says, a military coupe, completely unseen by our agents on the ground, or any of our satellites. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (frustrated himself) I just talked to President Mabunga three days ago. He said nothing about this. Louis takes the paper from the desk and drops down into a chair in front of the President's desk. ANGLE ON LOUIS LOUIS (embarrassed) That's not the worst of it. We can't get anyone to confirm it either. Nobody, Mr. President. P.O.V. LOUIS PRESIDENT (ready to explode) Are you telling me with all our sophisticated intercept communications you can't even confirm this? CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (sheepishly) I'm sorry, Mr. President, everything is blacked out. And I don't know how or when either. P.O.V. LOUIS The President stands up and walks around his desk and leans over Louis, placing his hands on either side of the chair, staring at the Director of the CIA. PRESIDENT (angrily yelling) Shit, Lou, how could this happen, and now of all times. The United Nations is opening the new General Assembly this morning. I was just getting ready to leave for New York myself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 97. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (frustrated) Again, I'm sorry, Sir, you'll have to leave without me while I try to track this down. FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE The Vice-President rushes in, followed by the General. ANGLE ON DOOR VICE PRESIDENT (anxiously) We just heard, Mr. President. P.O.V. LOUIS VICE PRESIDENT (CONT'D) Mr. Director of the CIA, how could this happen? ANGLE ON PRESIDENT The President walks back to his desk and sits down again. PRESIDENT (calming down) Calm down, Mike. General have you got anything on this? P.O.V. PRESIDENT GENERAL (apologetic) Nothing yet, Mr. President, but we have a U2 heading for the region as we speak. We should have results in a couple hours from now. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (demanding) I'm going to be in New York, standing in front of the General Assembly, in a couple of hours. General, I need to know now if this is real or not. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 98. P.O.V. PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (bewildered questioning, turns to the General) Don't we have a satellite watching the Ivory Coast, what of that? GENERAL (frankly) It's showed us nothing of this coupe and won't if it happened quietly during the night. So far nothing looks out of the ordinary. CLOSE UP LOUIS LOUIS (trying to regain control) Like I said, Mr. President, we were completely blind to this. P.O.V. LOUIS The Vice-President stands up and starts pacing, turning on Louis, waving his arms in the air. VICE-PRESIDENT (astonished) Oh, great! First we have this Eve Stevens giving birth to twins, fathered by a man she has only known for less than three months, and you say we're completely blind? (sarcastically) What's the hell's going on over there at the CIA, Mr. Director? ANGLE ON PRESIDENT EXPANDING TO FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE The President stands up and waves at the Vice-President to sit down. He starts pacing himself. PRESIDENT (frustrated, shouting) Enough, Mike, I don't need your hysterics right now! FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE ANGLE ON DOOR Aide enters and approaches the President. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99. ANGLE ON AIDE AIDE (tentatively) They're ready for you, Mr. President. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT The President turns and glares at the Aide. PRESIDENT (blasting out at Aide) Well, I'm not, George. Have them wait until I'm ready. (calming down, holding up his hand and nodding to the Aide) I'm sorry, George, give us another ten minutes. ANGLE ON AIDE AIDE (subserviently) Yes, Mr. President. FULL SHOT OVAL OFFICE ANGLE ON DOOR Aide backs out the door quickly. ANGLE ON LOUIS AND PRESIDENT The President walks over to Louis and leans over his chair again. PRESIDENT (desperately) Louis, I need to know about this coupe, before I land in New York, or I'll look like a laughing stock in front of the entire United Nations. LOUIS (trying to be confident) You'll have it, Mr. President, as soon as I get it myself. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT The President turns away and walks over to the window, looking out he talks to himself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 100. PRESIDENT (frustrated and bewildered) Of all days for this to happen, what next? DISSOLVE TO: EXT. UNITED NATIONS BUILDING -- MORNING Background music after opening vocals, building the tension throughout the nearly final scene, Music: Supertramp "Crime of the Century". FULL SHOT UNITED NATIONS BUILDING, PANNING TO ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE Adam and Eve are standing across the street from the UN, sipping on cups of coffee. ADAM (looking over his cup, questioning) Is everything in place? EVE (huddling close to Adam, looking up from her coffee, confidently) The others are standing by. The power for the UN will go out for one minute, at exactly twelve minutes before eleven o'clock. That's when we make our move. Before they can track us, we'll be safely inside. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (still looking concerned, raising an eyebrow) And this Louis Harrison is not going to be a problem for us? ANGLE ON EVE EVE (smiling to almost laughter, looking out at the UN building) Not for at least awhile, my dear! (now struggling not to break out in a fit of laughter) He's struggling with the new unrest on the Ivory Coast. He's to busy trying to figure out where his intelligence services went wrong. (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 101. EVE (CONT'D) (now laughing) Oh, what I'd give to see the look on his face when he finds out! ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (smiling too) And when he finds out it was just a hoax? EVE (still trying to suppress laughter, very pleased with herself) Well, he'll be a little red faced, at first, but by then it will be much to late for him to do anything but sit back and watch the show. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (looking around, smelling with his nose and rubbing his stomach) Well, if we have a couple of hours, time for some breakfast? Do you know a good restaurant nearby? CLOSE UP EVE EVE (grabbing his arm and pulling him back from bolting away) (laughing out loud) Still trying to making up for not eating, for 25 thousand years, are we? (pointing the direction) Let's walk down this way, I know a good place for breakfast, my hungry husband. (dropping her empty cup into the trash can) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 102. CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (dropping her empty cup into the same trash can) (eagerly tagging along, smiling) We never imagined food to be so rich, so delicious and so addictive or so it seems. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE FOLLOWING THROUGH STREETS The two lovers link arms and work there way through the early morning crowds. EVE (holding him tightly) We have found many things on the planet that are enjoyable to eat, and all of them created by you. So why the surprise? ADAM (apologetically) Because we never thought of eating many of the things we created, that is not what they were for. An infusion of creative thinking will do our race good measure to rebuild its' spirit. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (astonished) With such long life and vast knowledge, I would think you would have accomplished just about everything? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (frankly) Far from it, my dear. Technologically we are far more advanced, but our social and cultural development have lapsed greatly, to the point of stagnation. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (questioning) And that's why you created Earth? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 103. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE ADAM (admittedly) That was definitely part of our reasoning, but it was more than just that. We had no drive, no reason to challenge ourselves. Earth was an experiment to change all that. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (understandingly) Thinking they had done all that could be done, (pausing) Or think of doing? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (frustration, but remorse and resignation) Exactly, and we had no desire to find anything else that might challenge us. One of the reasons I wanted to sleep through the process, is I couldn't sit there and watch my society slowly dying. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (astonished) Was it really dying, with all its technology? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (pausing) (resignedly) Yes. With no desires or ambition, society stagnates. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE FOLLOWING Coming up to a small cafe, Eve slows up. They enter the cafe. EVE (pulling him to a stop, looking into the window curiously) Let's try in here. So without us, your society would have collapsed? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 104. The cafe is almost empty so they have their choice of tables. Finding a table by the window, they take off their coats and sit down. ADAM (confidently) And now we can begin our rebirth, together. FULL SHOT TABLE WAITRESS approaches the table, with a pot of coffee, two cups and two menus. WAITRESS (handing them menus) Our special today is a chef's omelet, for $6.95. It comes with your choice hashbrowns, or fries. Coffee? EVE Coffee, please and I'll have the special with hashbrowns. ADAM Make that two, please. Waitress pours two coffees she puts down the coffee pot and then jots down their orders on her pad. WAITRESS That's great, won't be long. (pointing to two containers) Cream and sugar are on the table. Waitress leaves to get their order. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (tentatively questioning) And now we're the one's creating you, so to speak? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (confirming) That was the purpose behind the plan. With your renewed infusion we will again continue populating the galaxy, together. (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 105. ADAM (CONT'D) (hopefulness in his voice) Not merely as a host, but a simbeant, both changed forever. ANGLE ON EVE EVE (pridefully) You make it sound like our planet holds the keys to future of life, in our universe. ANGLE ON ADAM ADAM (savoring his coffee) Without the presence of human beings, the galaxy and the universe, for that matter would be a very lonely place to live. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (uncertainly) You mean you never found other life forms out there? P.O.V. EVE ADAM (smiling) (defensively holding up both hands) Oh, no. We found many forms of life, just not very intelligent ones, at least not intelligent enough to fill the galaxy anyway. CLOSE UP EVE EVE (curiously) So the human race, besides yourselves, are the only capable life forms? CLOSE UP ADAM ADAM (smiling) Oh, it isn't that bleak. There are others we have encountered, but mostly very primitive and usually extremely barbaric and warlike, none we could leave a universe to. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 106. ANGLE ON ADAM AND EVE EVE (a little fearfully) And are they still around? ADAM (reassuringly) Oh, yes and that is why your people are so important at this time in history. FULL SHOT CAFE FOLLOWING Waitress returns with two plates and places them in front of them. P.O.V. FROM WINDOW WAITRESS (refilling their coffee cups) If there's anything else you need, just ask, my name is Nancy. ADAM (smiling) (looking at his meal) Thank you, Nancy. This looks delicious, thank you again. EVE (looking famished) Yes, it looks wonderful. Waitress leaves them to their breakfast. They start eating, but continue talking. ADAM (questioningly) Do you now understand the importance of our children to the survival of the earth and beyond? EVE (nodding her head) Yes, I think I do now, but is that not to great a responsibility too be giving them? ADAM (confident) Nothing they can't handle. And they have something we didn't have our help and guidance. They are not alone, they are merely messengers to the light of day. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 107. EVE (jokingly) Don't go all biblical on me now, dearest, not while I'm eating! (self-satisfied) We humans have a desire to explore and survive, right? And we also have our ability to compromise, in a spirit of love. ADAM (reassured) You do understand. Good. I just hope the rest of the human race will understand as easily as you. EVE (confidently) People don't like change, and yet we have lived with change throughout our history. (pridefully) Personally, I believe we as a race can overcome any obstacles placed in front of us. ADAM (laughing) And so do I, or I won't be here today. EVE (finishing her last bite, smiling satisfaction of being well feed) But there's something else, isn't there, I can feel it in myself? ADAM (smiling himself as he pushes away from the table) I knew you would soon, I believe you're pregnant again, my dear wife, but not with my child, this one is all your own doing. EVE (astonished) Is this possible? (smiling to herself) Yes, I am, with a boy! ADAM It was our love inside that's created this child, but he will be feared by (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 108. ADAM (CONT'D) others, because he brings a message of peace. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. MARINE ONE DOORS OPENING -- MOMENTS LATER President and Vice-President exit Marine One with Secret Service attending and enter elevator. ANGLE ON PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (looking about nervously) Do you think it wise that we're both here, Mr. President? PRESIDENT (jokingly) I've been assured by the Secretary General that it's very important we both attend, though I had thoughts of leaving you behind with our distraught Louis, Mr. Vice-President! CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (trying to relax a little and finally smiling) Working on your next career as a comedian, Mr. President, very funny! ANGLE ON PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (smiling himself) I won't worry yourself to much, Mike. VICE-PRESIDENT (trying not to laugh) So you've solved all the world's problems since we left the White House? ANGLE ON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (laughing) Who's trying to be a comedian now? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 109. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (smiling) I just wish we had some idea of what was really going on. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (laughing) Now, Mike, that's very much out of character for you. Since when have I claimed we ever did? ANGLE ON PRESIDENT AND VICE-PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT (laughing along with him and holding up his hands) Not I, Mr. President, not I! ANGLE ON ELEVATOR DOORS Elevator opens to find Aide waiting for them. The President and Vice-President exit the elevator, followed by the Secret Service. They begin walking down a hallway with several doors on one side only. CLOSE UP AIDE AIDE (anguishly dreading having to deliver the message) I just got a message from Louis, Mr. President. P.O.V. AIDE PRESIDENT (smiling, but not laughing anymore) Just in the knick of time, George. CLOSE UP AIDE AIDE (reluctantly) It seems the coupe, or so called coupe was only a distraction to keep Louis busy for a couple of hours. (sighing slightly) There was never any real coupe. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 110. P.O.V. AIDE VICE-PRESIDENT (laughing loudly before whispering among the three of them) That should piss off our Director of CIA to no end, Mr. President. PRESIDENT (smiling, but not laughing outright) Be easy on him Mike, or I'll give you his job. CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (CONT'D) (turning back to the Aide) What gives George? P.O.V. PRESIDENT Secret Service Agent stopped and opened a door, leading out into the grand General Assembly hall. The General Assembly hall is a buzz, with voices of laughter scattered among the din. AIDE (very reluctantly) The information was planted, by Captain Rennolds, Mr. President, Sir. P.O.V. OPEN DOOR PRESIDENT (pausing to think) To keep Louis away from the UN, no doubt. I'm intrigued. To who's end? AIDE (relieved, but not relaxed) I think you are exactly right. VICE-PRESIDENT (turning on the Aide) And the reason is? AIDE (nervously) About twenty minutes ago all the power went out at the UN, for exactly one minute, and who showed up in the (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 111. AIDE (CONT'D) Secretary General's office when it was over? CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (almost certain) Our friend Adam and his wife, Eve Stevens? CLOSE UP AIDE AIDE (finally relaxing to get it all out) And his entire family, Mr. President, including the new baby twins, (with a little pride) George and Gracy. CLOSE UP VICE-PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT (smiling) It would seem we're about to find out what's really going on! CLOSE UP PRESIDENT PRESIDENT (resignation, but also curiosity, a smile coming across his lips) I think this time, Mike, you may just be right! DISSOLVE TO: INT. GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK FULL SHOT OF PODIUM AND FIRST SIX ROWS The Secretary General steps up to the podium and there is a hush over the Assembly. SECRETARY GENERAL (calmly) Members of the Assembly, delegates, leaders of the world's nations, people of planet Earth, I have faithfully served as your Secretary General these past years in the hope of one day seeing a world freed from war, united in peace and harmony. Today, I am please to announce, that day is (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 112. SECRETARY GENERAL (CONT'D) finally upon us. Without further ado, I give you Adam. The Secretary General steps away from the podium and the Assembly erupts in a standing ovation. Music: Copeland Fanfare of the Common Man plays in background, building with the light. As Adam steps pup to the podium to speak, a bright light begins to form in the center of the great hall and a hush of quiet whispers descends over the assembly. Adam holds up is hands as he begins to speak. ADAM (calmly) Thank you, Mr. Secretary General, Delegates to the United Nations, world leaders and honored guests. To all the people around the world, I bring you a peaceful greeting to the planet you call, Earth. (holding out his right hand) Before you, we can all see the light of love, growing as the Earth and its people embrace a quantum leap in their next evolution and their destiny among the stars. The light grows stronger, soon filling the great hall until it expands out of the hall and starts pouring out from the UN building. Music: closing bars of piece. Transitions to John Lennon: "Imagine". EXT. UNITED NATIONS BUILDING -- MORNING FULL SHOT UNITED NATIONS BUILDING, EXPANDING TO CITY WIDE SHOT OF NEW YORK INT. UNITED NATIONS BUILDING -- MOMENTS LATER ADAM (triumphantly) Within moments, this love will have spread to the whole of your world and as I am speaking, all violence is ceasing over the planet. Aggression is finally stopping, and no one will ever have to die senselessly, ever again. Applauds erupts from the assembly, and the cheers continue for several minutes. ADAM (CONT'D) Please. Please. (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 113. ADAM (CONT'D) (holding up his hands) All war has stopped, but that is only the beginning. Now the people of the planet Earth have to start the process of building the peace. More applauds from the assembly. ADAM (CONT'D) (joyously) This planet was founded on the premise of love and harmony, but without our guidance your world soon disintegrated into strife and oppression. You will no longer be without our help as you reach for the stars. An image starts forming in mid-air above the delegates' heads, that of a giant cube. ADAM (CONT'D) (confidently) My brothers and sisters will reach Earth within the hour to help rebuild your planet. A hush covers the assembly as all heads look up at the image. ADAM (CONT'D) This is your destiny, for all members of the human race, brought to you in peace, and in the spirit of love. (smiling) Welcome to the neighborhood, peoples of the planet Earth! Eve comes up to the podium, holding the twins in each arm, smiles on their faces, and stands beside Adam. ADAM (CONT'D) (lovingly holding them close to him) This is my wife Eve, a child of your modern world and the mother of a new race of human beings, who's destiny is your future and the future of the galaxy, I present you, George and Gracy. Eve holds up the two children and light pours out from them. ADAM (CONT'D) No longer will you fear the unknown, despise your neighbor, or be jealous of what others have. Today we begin (MORE) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 114. ADAM (CONT'D) a journey of peace and harmony, on this planet and the whole of the universe. Today, you are witness to the renewal of the human spirit, fulfilling the original plans of your creator, to live in love. (looking down at the two children, taking them in his arms and holding them high enough for all to see) These are my children, their message is peace, their destiny the world! Closing Music: Pink Floyd "Pigs on the Wing, Part 2" FADE OUT: